London Power Flush Guide

The central heating system of your home may need some attention if it is to continue functioning optimally. Over a long time, the central heating system can become blocked with mineral build-ups, oxide sludge and calcium to be exact.

This calcium sludge build-up is symptomatic of another more serious problem in your homes pipes. It could mean that there is a hole in the system that is allowing air to enter into the pipes and oxidize the heat exchangers and radiators to corrode.

The oxidation forms pools of sludge at the bottoms of radiators and this works its way into other portions of the clogged-up-pipe-sludge-600px-landscapesystem where it can do greater damage. Blockages are typically found in pipes, heat exchangers and radiators. The blockages will eventually adversely affect the pipes, heating control systems and even lead to boiler replacement, which can be costly and also avoided.

Furthermore, changing the boiler without addressing the blockages preset in the piping system means that the boiler, albeit brand new, will be subject to unnecessary strain that can shorten its service life and even aggravate the conditions.  The same goes for replacing any other unit like piping sections or control features.

Signs your System could use a Power Flushing

So, do you need a power flush? Here’s a number of symptoms to look out for:

-Cold Spots in the Radiators

-Cold Radiators

– Irregular noises coming from the Boiler

-Irregular noises coming from the Pump

-Irregularities of the Heat Pump and Circulation

-Blocked Pipes

-Internal Corrosion (excessive rust colored water after pipes have been inactive for long periods of time)

-Discolored water when regularly Bleeding the System and in extreme cases when a tap is opened
-Lack of Hot water or even warm water even after the system has been allowed to run for a while

The Benefits of a Power Flushing

While some of these problems can be caused by various problems and a professional opinion is always illuminating, having a powerflush applied to your system can rectify many of these problems.

The most apparent benefit of a power flushing is that the entire system functions optimally, in homes that have gone many years without having their system, addressed the difference is dynamic. The strain on the pump and boiler is also considerably reduced meaning they are operating more efficiently. With improved heat and pumping capacity for less effort you will be paying much less on your regular energy bills as well.

Furthermore, if your boiler has been complaining and making noise, it should function without a sound after a proper flushing.

The Dangers of Not Having Your System Regularly Power Flushed

A clogged system can cause many setbacks that proper maintenance can effectively avoid. The first and foremost is the damage it causes to the boiler, which can be so grave it must be replaced.

Furthermore, the efficiency of the system is compromised by internal blockage. You may end up spending a small fortune on patching up symptoms manifest in the heat exchangers and hydraulic systems without actually eliminating the problem. For more information check out