Boiler Installation Guide

Central heating systems play a crucial role in our comfort. These systems provide warmth to our living spaces while typical_boilerat the same time, they provide warm water. However, settling on one particular central heating system for homeowners in the UK can be a daunting task, seeing that there are a plethora of choices in the market.

Choosing the best central heating system for your particular needs, circumstances, and lifestyle is only possible if and when one understands the what each heating system can offer, the advantages of each and the demerits of each system.

Herein, we will take a look at three of the most popular central heating system in the market; the Conventional/Regular central heating system; the High-Pressure system; and the Combination Boiler system.

#1. The Conventional/Regular Gravity Fed Central Heating System – This system is used to heat water for supplying the radiator and the hot water storage cylinders. Once the water is heated, it circulates the system and ends up in the storage tank, where it stays until it is needed. Additionally, the system requires a feed tank to be in place to supply water to the boiler.

The advantages of this system include; it is capable of sending hot water to multiple taps at the same time; it yields a consistent flow rate regardless of users; you can add a solar heating system; they are perfect for large households

One obvious demerit is that the system needs a lot of space for the boiler and the loft old water supply tanks and the hot water storage tank.

#2. The High-Pressure Central Heating System – In this system, the water is heated in the boiler and stored in a vessel known as a unvented cylinder. When you open a tap, the pressure from the main water supply pushes the hot water out of the cylinder. Thus, the pressure at the tap is equal to the water pressure at the main.

Some of the advantages of this system include; economical to install and run; a constant supply of water; they are quick and easy to install. On the flip side, one still needs space to install the tank.

#3. The Combination Central Heating System – This particular system is the most common and by far the most popular central heating system in the UK. The unit functions as a water heating unit as well as a heating unit. Additionally, the system heats water directly from the taps, negating the need for a hot water storage unit. Thus, it is much more economical to install and run as they are energy efficient as well.

The advantages of installing such a unit are; compact size thus requires far less space to install (unmatched space efficiency); you get water at main pressure without installing additional pumps; heats water on demand; and far fewer installations hassles and costs. With this in mind, this system is the best option for smaller houses with little disposable spaces.

One of the main drawbacks of this kind of central heating system is the flow rates. Since there are no storage tanks, to heat the water, it must pass through the boiler, thus negating the flow rate of water. Therefore, Combi boiler is not suitable for houses where multiple taps are in use at the same time (essentially, large houses).

With the above information, you are better placed to fully grasp what each of the of the various systems offers, thus, be in a better position to match your needs with the most appropriate system. For more information and affordable prices check